Explore Småland

Taste the food, experience the nature or learn the history – The true taste of Småland. 

Taste the taste of Småland

Taste the food is the first you meet on our website. It is not an coincident. Food is acording to us a very important part of an experience, both for the energy but also because that gives you an extra level of the experience. There are many of us who remember the tastes from our trips, from our childhood and so on – both good and bad.
If you want to know more about how we reason about food, you find it here.

Hiking in Glasriket – sustainable and enjoyable

Welcome to a nature experience with a silver lining. We want to give you that lite extra, a bit of adventure but also a picnic because we have arranged everything you need for a comfortable experience.

Panncake Thursday

Pancake on Thursday is a tradition we value in Sweden. So we serve pancakes on Thursdays – bit we do some changes. Our pancakes is a whole meal, smoothe pancakes stuffed with fresh, tasty fillings made from local ingrediences.

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