Pancake Thursday

Pancake on Thursday is a tradition we value in Sweden. So we serve pancakes on Thursdays – bit we do some changes. Our pancakes is a whole meal, smoothe pancakes stuffed with fresh, tasty fillings made from local ingrediences.

We have something for everyone and you can choose eather cheese, sasuage or beans- all local of course.

We do not like to waste food and we want everyone to feel safe, that’s why we want you to book in advance. If you prefer to be spontaneous, just send us a message and you will know within minutes of we have room for you.

If you arrive on a vehicle with two wheels – we give you 10% off the price.

Price 150 kr per person, coffee and a cake is included.

You book via or +46721599199 (we appreciate if you let us know if you have any allergies agains food that we need to know about)

Welcome to us at Grimmagärde 111, Broakulla!
Johan and Chatrine

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