Taste of Småland

Taste of Småland is the first you meet when you log in on our webb. This is no coincidence. For us, food is a very important part of an experience. Both for having enough energi but also because the taste is an important part of an experience.

If you search among your memories you will discover that there is often some taste or food there, isn’t it? I remember those times when my mother baked cinnamon buns. How the small of newly baked buns met me on my way home from school. I also remember the time when we stopped at a diner along the road in Germany. There where stacks of half made burgers laying on a schelves on low temperature. I don’t dare to imagine how my stomach would have reacted if I would have eaten one of them.

That is why we put big effort on the food you will eat on the offers we give to you on our webb. The most of them will include food prepared by us. That is actually one of our favorites. We work after two focus areas, local ingredients and ingredients after season.

Since our company is situated in Emmaboda, in Southeast Sweden we have a lot of crops to choose from. Emmaboda is a part of Småland and Småland is mostly an agricultural landscape. We have been told that in the are we live in is home for about 2% of the Swedish population but we produce 95% of the beans, 25 % of the chocken, and more than 10% of the milk, egg and meat grown in our country. There are loads of companies that grows organically and who does a lot of tasty products. That makes it very nice working with food in this area. And we feel a great responsibility for our skilled producers to do something really good of their products.

We want our guests to have an all inclusive memory after participating in one of our experiences We also want to give you food that tills your stomach – we want to give you something special, an experience in itself, why not try a cardamom pizza with cheesecake on top as a dessert? We like to turn things a bit upside down and love using wild plants on our plates.

Our favorite meny is a tasting meny – in that way everyone can find their favorite and it is also a way of eliminate food waste. We cook as many different courses as it takes until our guests are full. It varies from 6-7 to 9-10 different dishes.

Sustainability is an important issue for us. We have that in our mind whatever we do.

How do our guests notice that we think a little extra about sustainability

Except that we focus on local ingredients we also work hard to minimize food waste. There is many ways of doing that, the easiest and most obvious is not to cook more than we shall eat. That is why we almost always ask you to book your seat in advance.
Another way is our tasting menus, we can prepare all dishes halv way and cook while our guests eat because not all dishes is served at the same time.

We also have made a choice not to use those crops that uses a lot of water lika avocado, almond and rice. There are many places with a shortage of clean water.

Is it possible to book just a dinner or fika?

Yes of course! We serve our food where our guests are. Eather you order a catering service or you book a dinner at Ödevata hotel, our home arena when it comes to food. You can also book a room.

More about this on our website in a while.

We wish you welcome to take a bite of Småland

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