Hiking in Glasriket

Hiking in Glasriket — Sustainable and enjoyable

Welcome to a nature experience with a silver lining. We want to give you that lite extra, a bit of adventure but also a picnic because we have arranged everything you need for a comfortable experience.

If you take the train you don’t have to wait a minute! You can let the experience start at once – Ödevata gårdshotell is two hours relaxing hiking from the station.

In the surroundings of Emmaboda there are miles and miles with wonderful routes and roads to chose from. The choice is yours- 5 km or 35 km – there is something for everyone.

If you take our offer – you choose wich routes to go, what distance and what time – your choice.

Your choice – your experience

If you want tips on activities along the way, we have lots of suggestions such as glassblowing or guided tours. But you also have some activties to chose from at the hotel.
If you want to relax a little extra you can rent a wonderful woodheated sauna for private use at the hotel. If you combines that with a swim in the lake – wow.

If you want to do something other than hiking there are canoes and boats to rent at the hotel.


Because we want you to have the very best we have chosen Ödevata gårdshotel. They have just like is focus on sustainability wich shows in every detail. For example they have a magic orangeri with aquapnic cultivation where they grow everything from tomatoes to bananas in biochar. If you want to know more about it you can book a guided tour.

Well, this isn’t the only reason that we have choosen Ödevata – they offer comfortable beds in modern rooms.

What’s included?

In this we give you an all-inclusive experience, ackommodation at Ödevata gårdshotel, all meals and backpack with all things needed for a day outdoor.

In the weekendexperience you will have accommodation for two nights, 2 swedish fika, 2 dinners (one 2 course dinner and one tasting meny with lokal flavors), two breakfast and two take-away lunches. Backpack and outdoor kitchen.

2895 sek/person

Full week experience is the same as above but with 6 nights, all meals and one of the dinners will be a tasting meny with 8-10 dishes with local ingrediences and flavours.


Are you ready to book? Send us an email to info@exploresmaland.com

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